Organised by the Sussex Combined Yacht Clubs - Brighton Marina Yacht Club, Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club & Sussex Yacht Club


The Sussex Regatta and the combined clubs in Sussex use a number of different handicaps for yacht and dinghy racing. The systems that have been used include:




The IRC system is an international measurement-based system used for some races. Boats racing in IRC races should have a current valid IRC certificate which can be obtained (for a fee) from the ROYAL OCEAN RACING CLUB Rating Office.




The NHC (National Handicaps for Cruisers) system is a new system administered by the RYA. It is being used by the Sussex Regatta for the first time in 2015. It is predominantly a performance based system, with the handicaps of participating boats changing after every race. However, boats racing in NHC fleets need a NHC Base Handicap from which they start and this is usually based on simple measurements. NHC base handicaps and use of the NHC system are free.


NHC Base Handicaps are usually obtained from a list published by the RYA and updated regularly. To look up a NHC Base Handicap for your boat, you can search on the Sussex Regatta NHC Base Handicap Lookup tool - though the latest list is usually best found on the RYA website.


If your boat is not on the list mentioned above AND you are racing in the Sussex Regatta you must get a NHC Base Handicap by completing the NHC Online Application for this regatta. This service is NOT provided for boats tyhat are not participating in the Sussex Regatta.




In 2007 the SCCH (Sussex Combined Clubs Handicap) system was started which wa used by all three organizing clubs in their open events, the Sussex Regatta and the Royal Escape Race.


The SCCH system is similar to and mirrors the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) handicap system.


To apply for a SCCH handicaps you can EITHER complete the online application form (click the button on the right below picture) OR download an application form from HERE and return it to one of the three clubs.


SCCH handicaps are decided, after receipt of an application form, by a committee of members from all three main yacht clubs. In deciding the handicaps, the committee attempts to compare all boats covered by the system as well as taking information from a variety of sources including RYA PY published handicaps, Byron Software's list of Cruiser Handicaps, known IRC handicaps, handicaps given by other club, performance in previous races and general experience. The committee attempts to match and reflect the PY Handicaps suggested by the RYA. For the boats on which there is no suggested RYA PY Handicap, the committee uses all available information to estimate a handicap. Once decided the handicaps would only be changed if there is evidence to suggest they were wrong or if the configuration of the boat changes.


Applicants are asked to be aware that the SCCH handicaps are different from and do not correlate accurately with IRC handicaps.


At present there is no charge for SCCH Handicaps.


The handicaps allocated and valid at present are listed on the SCCH Lookup Page.