Organised by the Sussex Combined Yacht Clubs - Brighton Marina Yacht Club, Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club & Sussex Yacht Club

Sussex Regatta 2007

© Joy Ayton 2007

The Sussex Regatta was started a few years ago as a way to improve the standard of yacht racing in Sussex by promoting better competition.


It was originally run by the three main yacht clubs in central Sussex - Sussex Yacht Club, Brighton Marina Yacht Club and Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club. The site of the regatta rotates around between these three clubs.


At first each club was left alone to organise whatever sort of regatta they preferred. But since 2005 there has been increasing co-operation between the clubs to share resources, expertise and to improve the standard of racing. There is now a standing organising committee with representatives from all the clubs.


Increasingly the regatta has attracted entries from further field and in 2006 there were 70 entries when the regatta was held in Eastbourne.


The Sussex Regatta is usually held over the Easter Weekend so is one of the first meetings of the year. In 2007 the number of races was increased as the popularity of the event was increasing. The racing proper now starts on the afternoon of Good Friday, though some yachts may choose to participate in a feeder race on that morning.


The regatta is open to any yacht from any of the yacht clubs in Sussex, from Chichester to Rye. It is open to boats with or without an IRC certificate - in separate classes.


In 2007 the Sussex Combined Clubs Handicap (SCCH) system was started which is now used by all three clubs in their open events, the Sussex Regatta and the Royal Escape Race.


In 2015 the regatta was hosted by Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club and held at Eastbourne.